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Gazette issue number : 24
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1. Part I Notifications or Orders regarding first appointments, investiture of magisterial powers, etc., issued by Secretariat Departments.
  • I. Notice Regarding Gazette Extraordinary Issues Published during the week.
  • II. Notice Regarding Parts and Sections of the Gazette not published during the week.
  • PUBLIC DEPARTMENT (Special-A)-Deputation - Appointment
  • 2. Part II--Section 1 Notifications or Orders of specific character or of particular interest to the public issued by Secretariat Departments.
  • HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE DEPARTMENT--Nomenclature - Change of Nomenclature of ''Directorate of Medical Education'' as "Directorate of Medical Education and Research'' in English and Tamil-Orders-Issued.
  • 3. Part II--Section 2 Notifications or Orders of interest to a section of the public issued by Secretariat Departments.
  • HOME DEPARTMENT--Tamil Nadu Protection of Interests of Depositors (in Financial Establishment) Act--Family Courts Act.
  • LABOUR WELFARE AND SKILL DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT--Minimum Wages Act--Industrial Disputes Act--Minimum Wages Act--Errata to Notification--Labour Courts for Adjudication
  • 4. Part IV--Section 2_T_Supp Tamil Nadu Acts and Ordinances.
  • Tamil Nadu Ordinance No. 4/2022
  • 5. Part VI--Section 1 Notifications of interest to the General Public issued by Heads of Departments, Etc.
  • GENERAL NOTIFICATIONS--Winding up the affairs of certain Co-operative Societies in Certain Districts and Appointment... - Variation to the Approved Master Planů
  • JUDICIAL NOTIFICATION--Conferment of Magisterial Powers on certain Revenue Officials.
  • 6. Part VI--Section 2 Notifications of interest to a section of the public issued by Heads of Departments, etc.
  • TAMIL NADU STATE LEGAL SERVICES AUTHORITY, CHENNAI - Nomination of Chairman for the High Court Legal Services Committee
  • 7. Part VI--Section 4 Advertisements by private individuals and private institutions
  • PRIVATE ADVERTISEMENTS - Change of Names and Notice
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